01 - Eureka

02 - Ooh La La Lah

03 - Volition

04 - True Story

05 - All Too Familiar

06 - What I'm Living For

07 - Call Of Duty

08 - Emancipator


Darryl 'Bashar' Anka

Again, remember - It's not actually about changing others. It's about changing yourself!

And when you change yourself, sufficiently, you will then find that you have shifted yourself to a parallel reality that is in harmony with your new belief. And in that parallel reality will only be the people who believe as you do, and in that reality there will be no war.

Now, it may appear from a physical point of view that the reason that happened is because, well maybe some people died off and they're not there anymore to make war. Or maybe somehow they just disappeared, you don't know what happened to them but they're not around anymore. Or maybe a natural disaster comes along and wipes them all out, so they're not there anymore. Or maybe they've just decided one day that they're good and tired of war, and then they don't do it anymore. Many, many different ways can be created to make it appear as if they have changed, but what's actually happened is you have shifted yourself to a parallel reality where that simply is no longer in harmony with who you are. Does that make sense? (Yes, so is there like a threshold that there needs to be enough of people feeling that way and changing those beliefs to...). Yes, and that's what the year 2012 is about. 

The year 2012 represents the threshold where when you cross that line, you will finally actually have slightly more positive energy on the Earth than negative; and it will begin to snowball, from that point forward, it will begin to accelerate from that point forward. You will finally have tipped the scale enough so that it will guarantee from that point forward, and I'm not saying it will be the next day, but it will be relatively rapid, from that point forward. Once you tip the scale from negative to positive in terms of the majority of the energy on the planet, then things can really accelerate. Because remember, it doesn't take as many positively oriented people for their energy to outweigh millions of millions of negatively oriented ones, because the positively oriented ones are integrational, whereas the negatively oriented ones, work alone! You follow me? 

So it is exponentially expansive when you finally tip the scales on the positive side, and 2012 represents the threshold crossing where it will from that point forward be slightly more positive, and then that will allow you to accelerate your energy, so that you will find that somewhere between the year of 2033 and 2050, war will be eliminated forever.

[Martin Luther King Jr. last speech - I've Been to the Mountaintop (April 3 1968)]

And he's allowed me to go up to the mountain

And I've looked over, and I've seen the promise land

I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight

That we as a people will get to the promise land

So I'm happy tonight I'm not worried about anything

I'm not fearing any man; mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!


I speak solutions for ills and bless the less blessed

I train brains and speak knowledge in a positive direction to not fall prey to the system

Salloum on the mic!

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's a dream that lasts forever

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's the one that's inside on a natural high

The Truth as the one to begotten

I'm stone-stepping over sticks, throne-threatening at the rich

and wealthy prone to strip us to the bone without a stitch

in seek of proof, from caged in, to walking out a cave, to stepping on a stage

I rhyme flows in favors various of the flavors pumping hatred

depicted by the brave, chosen of the bravest to embrace it

craving suitable ways until my flesh is sinking in the grave

rest-assured my averted clarity was left ablurred

disturbed disparities allured surges of my spoken words

in search to find co-existing minds retracing bliss with 

signs of conscious linen rapped poetically in rhyme

soul-searching for a find whole-refined had me left with this

jotting rhymes in lines off of a mind worth a mil or more to sign

fed to bass-bump beats, pumping trunks with the treats I was feeding to the streets

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's a dream that lasts forever

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's the one that's inside on a natural high

I'm sifting for a fix, sparking minds breeding wisdom in spoken-word visions

enhancing brother-mother-father-son sibling issues 

misusing righteous path religions preyed upon in scapegoat missions

like the birth of freedom would ever help to stop the bleeding

birthed in reasons unreasoned for me to believe in left me second-guessing 

suggestions for protection, in guard against oppression, fought for prevention

seen as fiction through selected redemption 

How could it be much misery was breeding from the Land of the Free

A dream to coincide with thoughts swirling in my mind 

of a world set aside from the lives living lies, to keep them blind 

had me aiming primetime, rain or shine, I'd climb in reign even if I wasn't signed

My time of prime came - monetary gains with the fame 

led me quick to change lanes, work against the grain

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's a dream that lasts forever

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's the one that's inside on a natural high

With aims to train brains in ways to pave afar away from pain

What had me left with this could have been that, caught in matters of fact

Harsh realities regarding prides lost for turning backs for cash stacks

So en route I meshed together noted demands to last forever

With stronghold messages alike that of leather, even stronger than kevlar

Never one to bow for blows deeply felt but untold

A feel for 'makings of a legend' in hands manipulating for a fold

Achieved status for the folding of a messaged goal, puppets troll? 

Fuck that type shit is whack, kick back does the mack after laying tracks

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's a dream that lasts forever

Ooh la la lah, it's the way that you feel when you know it's real

Ooh la la lah, it's the one that's inside on a natural high


Dick Cavett

It would be an outrage and tragedy for this country if John Lennon and Yoko Ono are deported.

Their strong anti-drug stand and clear eloquent commitment for non-violence and the participation and action for constructive social change are messages badly need in America today, particularly for our youth.

John Lennon

They're after us because we talk about peace, cause we want peace, you know we've said the same thing for two years, one way or another, and we believe in it!

Yoko Ono

The only thing we promoted was peace and love.


You're more responsible for the expression of love and peace in the arts than anyone practically in the 20th century.

John Lennon

And it's very ironic that the government approved our application as outstanding artists whose presence is beneficial to US cultural interests and the public welfare; the federal judge has approved that and the government has, but we had to fight for it, and it's the only time that he's ever had to come to court to force the government to consider an application like that, obtained by an injunction, meaning that as one way for us to come in as outstanding artists or scientists, there's a special clause, now we put that in our case and nobody looked at it, and it's the law that they have to look at the application, they didn't look at, and our lawyer went down and said you haven't looked at it, so he took them to court and the judge and federal judge said they have to look at it and have to take this into consideration, ‘yes they are outstanding artists and would be of benefit to this country’; and it's the only time he's had to go in and fight for it!

Dick Cavett

“I join thousands of other concerned Americans in asking you to take favorable action enabling John Lennon and Yoko Ono to remain in this country.” Signed Leonard Woodcock, President of the United Auto Workers.

John Lennon

Right on, Leonard!


What's the fact in purpose of evidence yet to surface

Unable with the flesh, but a willing spirit's knocking into courage

Taking over thoughts that discourage, presentations of respect irreplacing debt

Guarding respect placed into debt

embedded hearts bled by emotions fleeing over what was said

In my mind's eye the dove's dead, soul's fed up with the spilling over red

Roses dead - dreaded, unaccredited depressives netted

Hard to let loose dropped just to tighten up the noose

Lessons learned taken as regression, repressives fulfilling moods of depression

Calls of the downfall, middle of the night balls all caused by the hardship brawls 

In between me and her, she and I, I myself can't answer why

Disturbed by questions of the unheard, unheard, unheard, unheard

It's just like we've all just woken up one morning

And thought, was it a dream is it a nightmare, what's been going on

We're all just trying to make the next day a bit better

Anybody knows that the people have the power.

All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.

The people are unaware, It's like they're not educated to realize that they have power!

Thinking back on my times of rhymes 

I can’t explain God-given gifts given to lift 

Scenes of shit to leave me sick upon wished 

To have never witnessed, carry weight do these skills 

That I spit, in seek to levitate mind states 

Curing cancers with God's answers, sifting 

Minds, buying time, searching signs for a find 

Breeding kinds of sublime lifting standards story-lined 

For a prime like bright, right enough to spark might amidst 

Stardom's in light, alike gardens sharp is the scent 

Of my stench - pardoned, those impure sure to lure

I'm keeping close to foes prone against to go to war

Mourn do the scores torn, born poor upon souls burned to the core

I hid in shadows soon to rumble the thunder to funnel a lyrical stunner

hid in shadows soon to rumble the thunder to funnel a lyrical stunner

Peace in your mind, peace on Earth, peace at work, peace at home, peace in the World!|

|It's to try and get people orientated to think peace, like eat for peace,

breathe for peace, and dance for peace, and make love for peace, you know

to just have peace like a mantra going round and around in your head

I kept on my grind, stayed on my rhymes

Prone throne from a chair talents of a self-millionaire

Fed an article as "nice", suggestions price: less

9-5 'til I'm forty's got me thinking twice less

School is good without a price - yes

A lack of education leading down paths of vice, not a question

Applying skills of God's given blessings in writtens stressing 

Poetic impressions with lyrics suggesting love over hate

I'm refreshening all matters to debate

A mind state regarding fate in which I place faith

Journey of revelations in time kept in mind from The One High

Prophetic when I rhyme for better times

Mad skill with a swagger untouched, better never been seen

Branded new, deemed king in this Hip scene

I kick it tighter than Mick Jagger 

With a touch releasing clutch better than these rappers

No violence, no starving children, no violent minds, no violent households

No violence, no frustration, no fear

We think we have the right to have a say in the future

and we think the future is made in your mind

It says it, you know, war is over if you want it


I glow darkness with light, spark darkness in night 

Where opportunities you pass keep you out of sight, I jump on and shine bright 

Difficult, never sleazy, with a will to keep you guessing how my feats came easy

Lyrical delegation of mind emancipating rhymes

Paving way for a prime worth signing signatures in my free time

Flexing for the test of life all to get out of trife

Ill-mannered manuscripts cop pleas, pay fees with met deals set to let free

Street-light sirens road block, cops stop in reach of corner spots

Tyrants dim in shadows of light, grins to shine and find an end in sight

Paths paved astray dawned upon as right

Left to stray past one too many days where they put to rest beef

Flip to heat to keep them seated firmly in their seat

I seed a birth and shine of inner sublime

A soul-rhyme played as one of a kind 

Over beats tuned to waves high enough to keep you zoned out for days

Illuminating insights lyrical enough to pave paths ways 

With preached miracles keeping you at bay to stay

Holler back red is well you know the fucking deal

From beneath all the bustle

I sense the rush in the early hours

A thorough-bred bowing down to the highest

From my sleep until I wake, until I reach the seat of six-deep

Until I reach the feet to reap peace brought by deeds spoken of the priests

Flowers seek to reach heat, and soaked, enabling growth 

Implanting knowledge to reign supreme, no matter placement

Last measure of the race unworth pleasures of the off pace

Quick to sense differences set between stellar and the second

I'm changing lanes taking on endeavors, reaching treasures thought 

Of as only held by the emerald, unbreakable - escaping from the fog

Dodging odds, reaping platefuls - I'm giving to get, achieving just to forget

Ante-upping stakes, aiming at higher gains

Two stellar diamond minds working time put forth in buildings of a shrine

I seed a birth and shine of inner sublime

A soul-rhyme played as one of a kind 

Over beats tuned to waves high enough to keep you zoned out for days

Illuminating insights lyrical enough to pave paths ways 

With preached miracles keeping you at bay to stay

holler back red is well you know the fucking deal

salloum on the mic

Rhyming sessions to & fro until it's through

Co-signing congressions manifesting spirits reflecting progression 

Inspired by lessons of Reverends ever-lending blueprints to makings of a Legend

Left in reference of folks embracing hope

Make note: impressions catching stares through a glow worldly

Hard to rate those who claim to relate to thoughts 

Sharpened by minds interlinked with instincts

Spreading visions through lessons untaught by a shrink

Verse visualizing bass-bumps emphasizing cryptic story-tale signs 

Revealing revelations portraying tell-of signs 

For those to size-up Truth against the lies, All just rise out of depths of prison

And embark in missions in sync with locked intermissions

Held by shams deceptive, infected, inflicting regression

Critically written words of wise by the A-b

Noticed skills of the Pro that I flowed with a fix to complement showbiz

Best to cater - let them know: this 'supposed' put to practice embroidered holster classics

Soul soaked with hope, spoken as an omen, sold as gold to be told 

Held as right upon sights of the known

Hollaback, red is well, you know the Fucking deal


06 - WHAT I'M LIVING FOR (Ft. Rachel Corrie)

Rachel Corrie:

 I'm here for other children

I'm here because I care

I'm here because children everywhere are suffering

And because 40,000 people die each day from hunger

I'm here because those people are mostly children

We have got to understand that the poor are all around us 

And we're ignoring them


Front to back Pali stripped and trapped

Top to bottom blessed who got them, to the west a breath of fresh

To the east before a fresh breath feast, slaughtered like halal

Meat of Dajjal cooked up of the rest, to greet of proof

Shot at like a bullet vest, markings to suggest: at its best, not a test

Lest to the press ninjas on a quest guarding for protection

Type oppression blood splattered like a dressing

Check the 51st star mishap stats:

Lies in disguise sought of as surprised for lost innocence of lives

Terror by the boss reigned as the cost where the Star, Cross, Crescent all floss


We have got to understand that these deaths are preventable

We have got to understand that people in third world countries

Think, and care, and smile, just like us


Where welfare kept it unfair

Birthed the curse of seed deeds seen in reverse

No longer paired parents where their sons dared

To be scared by the drug D.A.R.E’s

Menaces choosing guilt over innocence

Stalled bawling's in the face of fear, in and out of settlements

Bottle-up'n tears, street rules schooled negligence

Leaving those pregnant: born for war, prone to score but

Left torn to mourn struggles in store for stable livings off of steady hustles

Starved pardons plead by who caught stares

Led to unpardoned begs which instead bred misery parked poverty

Unwished for dished more travesty in streets & parks

Where danger barks embark lives in rumbles

Over smuggles with hopes to rise above the rubble

Enlightened lives, in disguise, sparking thoughts

In blessing’s reflectioned upon love in God with no trust in cops

Caught up in the life of the dark


We have got to understand that they are us, we are them

My dream is to stop world hunger by the year 2000

My dream is to give the poor a chance

My dream is to save the 40,000 people who die each day


To live, learn, score for

Never lived to be a slave for

Rich or poor, no matter, I ducked the latter

Peace or war, my peoples were fucked by the latter

With peace in mind of mine

I’m escaping through revelations equating levitation

Escalating up with fallen angels, kept alive through who fell from the sky

With open-heart hopes mending broken hearts with hopes to glow again

Seen as yet another trend, schemed hoes fleeing over where the sun's beaming

Money hungry tummy's filling pussies in their younger twenties

Caught the match of the chase, love in pure taste held in the front of my face

Quick to quit, thrown to waste when she displaced

No love for the chase of the fake dove

The same ending just in time again to begin

Money lends uninterested in friends

The green paper - the devils flavor


Jealousies perpetrating felonies

Killing enemies envious of celebrities

Suburban cities turned murder Capitals

Fiends filling districts with heat, competition for the capitol

Greedy greeting in discrete gats packed in jackets 

Savage attacks leaving bodies to rot in caskets

Asked what it is: minds of the New Era bringing war upon the bandanna terror 

Same historic shit repeating, seeking for the gains through the beating

One to work for, unalike the name in the game, Provocator

Alike the same who learn to earn and gain to win in war

Name with kleos fame left saved, forever to remain

Open pop doors, open shop scores

Sending woes to those who witness downfallen foes

Upon flowed on just to show & give a show

Prone to work D in the zone, alone in the zone, or baseline serving aces all alone

From the home- mind grew, body built, to and fro to grown


My dream can, and will come true

If we all look into the future

And see the light that shines there



I'm kicking scripts booting habits degrading potential status

Flowing about matters with love and manners well above and beyond

Typical standards, paving hope in eyes opened through ears with phrases

Praised and cheered for steering clear from being caught in fear

Crowds used, abused by powers to fuse and keep near

Chosen threats branded danger devoured, excavated, slander of a coward

For the true nature seen as one to speak with care but ends slain

Pushing for a life lived, deemed to be fair, bared alive, well, unsurprised

Scoping minds mobbing steady with agendas in disguise

Civil legislative rights terminating prized wills crowned

Driving crowds down astray paths paved to drown

Speaking facts out of mouths heard by ears fed to feed ongoing public fear


Expression based on knowledge of Self in the name of Love is how I March


A father in the war

A mother treating injuries in scores 

To be taken care for, gave me visions of a dream

Harsh left realities gave me scenes in visions unseen, left to play a part deemed 

Pushing me to leave the rich city scene

With thoughts in mind held for those in time to build supreme

Through the music of the common good

I'm achieving through the speaking of the foreseen

Earning fame, building cream through the pushing for a change

In the land of the rich where the living's strange

And arraigned leaders end slain upon accounted crowds attained

Marching righteously to pave the way for gains

Alike the pious, left with summed results in povert gains 

Prized money made with immoral shame, callings of a change, stalling for a sweater

A framed portrait, commended brave, remembered better

Deemed a threat, the same framed to rise above the weather

Spoken visions of the one and only credited yet unembedded

Left to spread left yet unfed, unregretted ‘til the love is bredded

On its way all just to let it melt in the hearts of the ones with the Love


It's the political lies to keep us on the edge of seats

The disguised they keep us from, to keep us feeling weak

The death of a mother with a young son

Another son dead by what slained the first one

Another soul's flown above, leaving emotions hung

Fading back on memories to reminisce on words spoken in the last week

Hard to swallow, even harder to breathe when left with sorrows birthing misery

Breeding travesty, embedding tragic thoughts of the tragedy

"It couldn't be", "it shouldn't be", third thought, "it should've been me"

What was left to come breaks the heart the most

What hadn't yet been done leaves you feeling most gross

But it's the power in the strength of loss that boosts your soul towards your righteous course

Through the struggles and the hardships you uplift

For what you feared before experienced, left you delirious

Soon to turn for conversations of the serious

With whom would experience the same to take away your dearest


                So I tell you once again, that we are One!

Salloum on the Mic. holler back red is well you know the fucking deal

I never fail because i'm kicking scripts booting habits degrading potential status

Flow about matters with love and manners well above and beyond


Martin Luther King Jr. last speech [I've Been to the Mountaintop (April 3 1968)]

"If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand some of these illegal injunctions. Maybe I could understand the denial of certain basic First Amendment privileges, because they hadn't committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read of the freedom of press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights."

Nelson Mandela [Long Walk to Freedom (1995)]

"No one is born hating another person for the color of their skin, religion, or background. Hatred and intolerance have to be learned. Even in the grimmest times, I have seen dreams of humanity, which have reassured me, that man's goodness is a flame that can never be extinguished"

John F. Kennedy [American University speech (1963)]

"What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax-Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children — not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women — not merely peace in our time but peace for all time."

Ernesto "Che" Guevara [speech at United Nations 1964]

"We have declared that we are supporters of those who strive for peace. We have declared ourselves to be within the group of nonaligned countries, although we are Marxist-Leninists, because the nonaligned countries, like ourselves, fight imperialism. We want peace."

Malcolm X [The Ballot or The Bullet (1964)]

"And all we have to do now is wake up and work in unity and harmony, and the battle will be over."

    "Eureka", Produced by Gabor Henyel
    "Ooh La La Lah", Produced by Jay B Beats
    "Volition", Produced by --
    "True Story", Produced by Sinima Beats
    "All Too Familiar", Produced by TCustomz Productionz
    "What I'm Living For", Produced by VTZ Beats
    "Call of Duty", Produced by Blitz Productions
    "Emancipator", Produced by Emancipator

Sa1loum – performer, executive producer, lead vocals, writing, recording, essayist, art direction and design.
Recording Studio  Rode NT1-A, Scarlett 2i2, Reaper DAW.
Features – Darryl "Bashar" Anka, Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Dick Cavett, Rachel Corrie, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Ernesto Che Guevara.
Front Cover Art – "Sunset", painted by Zhang Guanghai in 2001.
Back Cover Art  created by Veepu Eco 
Lyric Video Productions — Sherzael25 (Sherza)

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